Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Online communities

I have had a Facebook account for awhile now (I got coerced to join so my friends could have more friends!) but have never really got into it. I know some people who are really into it and spend time everyday updating it - it's just not my thing. I've been trying to keep an open mind about it and think of how the library could use it, but to me it has a bit of a cringe factor associated with it - are we trying too hard to be hip and cool? Will the students just see through this? I actually think that as Facebook becomes more and more commercial with more companies having accounts (and parents getting involved as well) the popularity is going to fade fast and the iGeneration will move on to the next big thing. I just can't get enthusiastic about it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have played with Library Thing before, but I'd forgotten how much I like it - does that mean I'm really a cataloger at heart??
I added a few books from the top of my head that I've read recently, check out my list
I noticed when checking the new Spydus OPAC that there is a link to LibraryThing on some of the records which I think could become a very valuable tool. When I investigated Library Thing a couple of years ago I thought it had great potential to be used to direct students to relevant books for their studies. It looks like Spydus is going to allow us to easily take advantage of LibraryThing and I'm looking forward to exploring the possiblities further.
On a personal level, I think I will start using it more mainly to get recommendations of other things to read.

Image generator

Here is Kerrie the Lego Librarian
I could spend hours playing with these things - lots of fun to be had!!

Image generators could be used for some fun promotions of the library, something to keep in mind next time we are running a competition.


I must admit I'm not a huge fan of podcasts, I find just listening a bit boring, I would much prefer to watch a video. I couldn't even find one that interested me. I know that some of our lecturers have started using them as part of assignments for students. In nursing as part of medical terminology the students have to record themselves speaking the words and then submit this as a podcast for their teacher to assess. This is great use of podcasts and the library will be running training sessions for these students early in term 4 on how to do this.

YouTube and TeacherTube

I've really enjoyed the videos that we have watched as part of 23 things from Common Craft. This was my first experience in using Teacher Tube and I found these videos really good. I have since done some searching on Teacher Tube looking for videos on anatomy systems for a lecturer but without any luck - I'm not giving up though, as more people start using it I'm sure I'll find some gold one day!
John and I were discussing at the start of the week creating little videos that could support the training for Spydus with our students and I think this is a great idea. Videos like the ones produced by Common Craft are a great way to train, very informative yet simple. I think these videos would have cross generational appeal.
Like most people, YouTube is not new to me. I don't spend a lot of time on it, but there are some very funny things. Perhaps we could all incorporate an exercise regime into our days at the library like the "Betty Glover Library workout tape" circa 1987.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I love iGoogle. This was my first experience with it and I could easily spend all day playing with it.
It is great that you can put all your most commonly used tools in one place for easy access. I think as I start using more and more Web 2.0 tools and they become part of my everyday web usage, iGoogle will become a very important way of managing this.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have heard a lot about delicious but never investigated it for myself until today. I can see a lot of potential for it, maybe it could replace our Subject Springboards? Would definitely be a useful tool for finding relevant websites, especially using the tips in the "8 habits" article such as following other people. If I can find the time I would like to explore this further and see what potential it really has.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Flickr Photo Blog

IMGP0225, originally uploaded by kerrie.kemp.

This is my very cute daughter Lucy, and also very cute husband Toby at Glenelg on Boxing Day 2007. Lucy was having a great time playing the in water fountains - almost as much fun as Dad!
A lovely way to spend a great family day, relaxing after a hectic Xmas.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


well I've just spent some time browsing Flickr. This site wasn't new to me, I used it a couple of times last year to share photos with my family and friends while we were living in Ayers Rock. It is a great way for people to see your photos quickly and without having to be physically with them. I did find that it took a long time to load the photos so that put me off a bit.

As for library applications, I'm really not sure about this. I'm not a big photo person so I can't really think of how it could be used. Maybe as a way to share photos of library promotional activties - Lib Techs could use it to share photos of displays they've put together to give each other ideas. Still can't think of a way we could use it with our students though.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LEARN Sandbox Wiki

OK, this is my last post for today - I promise!!

Very briefly wanted to comment on the LEARN Sandbox wiki. It was great to read about the other LEARNERs fave things - learnt a few things about people. I found it easy to edit but a bit worried when someone else started editing it at the same time I did - all worked out ok and the changes I had made still saved with no problems. Great example of collaboration.

Told you this would be a short post!


Just completed the module on Wikis - you can tell today is a quiet day in the library!!

I haven't had a lot of experience of Wikis but I really like the idea of people being able to share information so quickly and effectively. Loved the Common Craft video explaining what they are all about.

There were some really complex Wikis in the suggestions to look at. I liked the idea of the book lovers wiki and could see that this would be a great for a public library. Extending that idea even further could be incorporating some of these reviews into the library catalogue so when people search for resources they immediately get a review as well - I would love this at my public library to help me choose fiction book more effectively.
The Prince William library was an interesting way of using a Wiki - it was like there official website but a wiki, interesting idea but not a lot more value than a traditional website I didn't think.

I have used Wikis recently within a community services Moodle that is running from Bower Place. The lecturer wanted a list of relevant websites for the students so a wiki was added to the moodle so students could add suggestions of relevant websites themselves - a great way to share information and have it all consolidated in one place.

I can see great potential for Wikis in libraries, provided they have some level of moderation.

See&Share and Movi

Well I've just finished topic 6, See and Share and am part way through Topic 7, Movi. I found these topics very hard to do from home as they required software to be downloaded and I didn't want to use my personal computer for this. I was also worried about the bandwidth these programs would use and didn't want to blow all my personal internet allowance for the month on these. I can see that this would definitely be a limitation with these programs for people who are wanting to work from home.
So I waited for some free time at work and set-up a See and Share conference with Basia. I was very glad we were sitting in the same room because it allowed us to talk outloud while we did this. I must admit, it was a bit confusing having to look at the desktop as well as the chat screen. I can see that it would have some good uses for meetings and used in conjunction with Movi could be very good. However, I think you would have to have a small number of participants and wouldn't want too many big decisions requiring a lot of discussion made this way.
Movi has been more challening. Because I have had to wait for TLC to assist in the set-up it has been a lot more time consuming. As I write this Blog I still haven't finished the set-up process and been able to use it. Having tried to use this before I started 23 things, I don't know how useful it really is because of the bandwidth it uses - TLC actually told me not to use it and to use videoconferencing instead. At this stage I'll get it setup which I believes involves testing it with TLC and then leave it at that until I have an official use for it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

RSS Feeds

Well I'm slowly starting to make a bit of headway on the 23 things. It's definitely getting me thinking about Web 2.0 things and feel a lot more confident on them as well - my husband who is a complete techophobe actually set-up a Facebook account this week and is using is!! I like to think that is my influence and not the influence of all the young guys at work :)

So this week as been about RSS Feeds. I managed to set-up a Bloglines account and have got some feeds I am following. I must admit, I don't think I will probably use this a lot. I tend to prefer to go and look for the information I want instead of waiting for it to come to me. There are no websites that I regularly check for updates so I guess that is why I haven't investigated RSS Feeds before. I can however see that it would be an excellent feature to have as part of the new LMS, being able to instantly update people with new resources will be great and allowing people to register according to their interests will be really good. I must remember to check my local library and see if they have RSS Feeds attached to their catalogue - wow, I just found a use for them!! Stay tuned for the update on that one.

OK, that's it for this week.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The second blog

Ok, so this is my second blog. Hopefully they will get a bit more interesting as they go!

First impressions of "23 things" - it is a great staff development idea. I really like the idea of being "forced" to look at some of the new Web 2.0 tools. I'm already finding that you can quickly fall behind in this technology and as a lot of the tools aren't things I use everyday I haven't had the motivation to investigate them. 23 Things will give me a good reason to experiment with these things and learn about them without feeling guilty about all the other work I should be doing.

Major downfall for me is the time factor. I'm trying to squeeze a few minutes here and there but really struggle, esp working part-time. I'm trying to make 23Things a priority but already falling behind. I think I need to make the effort to spend some time at home on this, which I'm really going to try. I don't want to be left behind, esp with a young daughter who is already showing an interest in the computer and I can see is going to grow-up with all these things just being second nature to her. It's a good motivation for me to keep up-dated so that I can keep up to speed with her.

Wow - I can really get blogging when I put my mind to it - or perhaps it's best not to think too much and just type!

Monday, June 1, 2009

First ever blog

Well this is it, my first ever blog.

I must admit I've been putting this off for a couple of weeks because I've been unsure what to write and how much of my heart to pour out!!

I've now summoned the courage - ie procrastinated for long enough and run out of other "busy work" tasks to do! - so here it is.

Still not sure what to say, I want to save a few things for the next blog I plan to write in a couple of minutes time, so I'll leave it at that. Post this blog and see what happens!!