Tuesday, June 30, 2009

See&Share and Movi

Well I've just finished topic 6, See and Share and am part way through Topic 7, Movi. I found these topics very hard to do from home as they required software to be downloaded and I didn't want to use my personal computer for this. I was also worried about the bandwidth these programs would use and didn't want to blow all my personal internet allowance for the month on these. I can see that this would definitely be a limitation with these programs for people who are wanting to work from home.
So I waited for some free time at work and set-up a See and Share conference with Basia. I was very glad we were sitting in the same room because it allowed us to talk outloud while we did this. I must admit, it was a bit confusing having to look at the desktop as well as the chat screen. I can see that it would have some good uses for meetings and used in conjunction with Movi could be very good. However, I think you would have to have a small number of participants and wouldn't want too many big decisions requiring a lot of discussion made this way.
Movi has been more challening. Because I have had to wait for TLC to assist in the set-up it has been a lot more time consuming. As I write this Blog I still haven't finished the set-up process and been able to use it. Having tried to use this before I started 23 things, I don't know how useful it really is because of the bandwidth it uses - TLC actually told me not to use it and to use videoconferencing instead. At this stage I'll get it setup which I believes involves testing it with TLC and then leave it at that until I have an official use for it.

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