Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just completed the module on Wikis - you can tell today is a quiet day in the library!!

I haven't had a lot of experience of Wikis but I really like the idea of people being able to share information so quickly and effectively. Loved the Common Craft video explaining what they are all about.

There were some really complex Wikis in the suggestions to look at. I liked the idea of the book lovers wiki and could see that this would be a great for a public library. Extending that idea even further could be incorporating some of these reviews into the library catalogue so when people search for resources they immediately get a review as well - I would love this at my public library to help me choose fiction book more effectively.
The Prince William library was an interesting way of using a Wiki - it was like there official website but a wiki, interesting idea but not a lot more value than a traditional website I didn't think.

I have used Wikis recently within a community services Moodle that is running from Bower Place. The lecturer wanted a list of relevant websites for the students so a wiki was added to the moodle so students could add suggestions of relevant websites themselves - a great way to share information and have it all consolidated in one place.

I can see great potential for Wikis in libraries, provided they have some level of moderation.

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