Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have played with Library Thing before, but I'd forgotten how much I like it - does that mean I'm really a cataloger at heart??
I added a few books from the top of my head that I've read recently, check out my list
I noticed when checking the new Spydus OPAC that there is a link to LibraryThing on some of the records which I think could become a very valuable tool. When I investigated Library Thing a couple of years ago I thought it had great potential to be used to direct students to relevant books for their studies. It looks like Spydus is going to allow us to easily take advantage of LibraryThing and I'm looking forward to exploring the possiblities further.
On a personal level, I think I will start using it more mainly to get recommendations of other things to read.

Image generator

Here is Kerrie the Lego Librarian
I could spend hours playing with these things - lots of fun to be had!!

Image generators could be used for some fun promotions of the library, something to keep in mind next time we are running a competition.


I must admit I'm not a huge fan of podcasts, I find just listening a bit boring, I would much prefer to watch a video. I couldn't even find one that interested me. I know that some of our lecturers have started using them as part of assignments for students. In nursing as part of medical terminology the students have to record themselves speaking the words and then submit this as a podcast for their teacher to assess. This is great use of podcasts and the library will be running training sessions for these students early in term 4 on how to do this.

YouTube and TeacherTube

I've really enjoyed the videos that we have watched as part of 23 things from Common Craft. This was my first experience in using Teacher Tube and I found these videos really good. I have since done some searching on Teacher Tube looking for videos on anatomy systems for a lecturer but without any luck - I'm not giving up though, as more people start using it I'm sure I'll find some gold one day!
John and I were discussing at the start of the week creating little videos that could support the training for Spydus with our students and I think this is a great idea. Videos like the ones produced by Common Craft are a great way to train, very informative yet simple. I think these videos would have cross generational appeal.
Like most people, YouTube is not new to me. I don't spend a lot of time on it, but there are some very funny things. Perhaps we could all incorporate an exercise regime into our days at the library like the "Betty Glover Library workout tape" circa 1987.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I love iGoogle. This was my first experience with it and I could easily spend all day playing with it.
It is great that you can put all your most commonly used tools in one place for easy access. I think as I start using more and more Web 2.0 tools and they become part of my everyday web usage, iGoogle will become a very important way of managing this.