Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The second blog

Ok, so this is my second blog. Hopefully they will get a bit more interesting as they go!

First impressions of "23 things" - it is a great staff development idea. I really like the idea of being "forced" to look at some of the new Web 2.0 tools. I'm already finding that you can quickly fall behind in this technology and as a lot of the tools aren't things I use everyday I haven't had the motivation to investigate them. 23 Things will give me a good reason to experiment with these things and learn about them without feeling guilty about all the other work I should be doing.

Major downfall for me is the time factor. I'm trying to squeeze a few minutes here and there but really struggle, esp working part-time. I'm trying to make 23Things a priority but already falling behind. I think I need to make the effort to spend some time at home on this, which I'm really going to try. I don't want to be left behind, esp with a young daughter who is already showing an interest in the computer and I can see is going to grow-up with all these things just being second nature to her. It's a good motivation for me to keep up-dated so that I can keep up to speed with her.

Wow - I can really get blogging when I put my mind to it - or perhaps it's best not to think too much and just type!

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  1. Hey they Kezza
    Love your blog, esp the hangman widget. I gotta get one of those!! I'm up to the RSS feed bit and had to subscribe to some blogs - so I've subscribed to yours. Hmmmm... interesting stuff isn't it. Kelly